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A mobile caterer, as the name suggests, is a person who sells readymade food from some kind of a vehicle. There is an increasing trend among consumers to enjoy various types of foods and snacks by patronizing this business. In countries such as the UK, this business is hugely popular. A number of such food catering vehicles can be spotted on the busy streets of London.

Advantage Of Low Risk: Mobile Caterer

The mobile caterers enjoy a unique business advantage over other people in the catering business. Their initial investment in the business is much lower compared to someone who is running an established restaurant, a snack joint or a coffee shop. Low investment means low risk for the business owner. As a result, this business holds a lot of appeal to new entrepreneurs who are looking at a business opportunity that entails lower entry costs and has a low risk profile. Many young people in the UK are entering this business because of these reasons.

Better Cost Competitiveness: Mobile Caterer

The mobile catering business holds a strong price advantage over other established competitors in the catering trade. Since the fixed investment costs are very low, the owner is not under any pressure to include such costs in his product pricing in order to recover those costs over a period of time. As a result, he can afford to price his offerings at a considerably cheaper rate compared to similar quality and similar offerings of other competitors. Especially in the recessionary times, most customers are looking for value for money options. Therefore, nowadays at many places in London and other cities of the UK, one can find mobile caterers enjoying a thriving business compared to their fancier and more established counterparts in the restaurant trade.

Time Saving For The Customer: Mobile Caterer

Another key benefit of the mobile caterer from the customers’ perspective is the substantial time savings involved. If the customer is in a hurry, it may be cumbersome for him to reach an established restaurant, then wait for proper seating, and finally place his order and wait to be served. In such situations, the customer may prefer the much quicker alternative of mobile catering. Most such operators in the UK have their vehicles located at very convenient and strategic points so that the customers can reach them very easily and quickly. Secondly, the service of such small and tightly management operations is relatively faster. Therefore, the customer can save on time, and yet enjoy a good meal.

The Novelty Factor Of Mobile Catering: Mobile Caterer

For the customers who have traditionally patronized upmarket restaurants and coffee shops, it can be a very exciting proposition to grab a quick snack or a meal at a mobile van. There is a very casual and different atmosphere when you eat at such a place. The whole experience can be thoroughly enjoyable for anyone. As a result, many such customers can be noticed enjoying a bite at these mobile outlets all over London, who would normally not be expected to patronize such eating spots.

Ability To Serve In Remote Regions: Mobile Caterer

Owing the inherent mobile nature of the business, these mobile caterers have a natural ability to take their business to such remote areas where other established restaurants are not able to reach. This creates a new, untapped market for these entrepreneurs with little competition. This also holds great benefit from the customer’s point of view. The customer can enjoy a good quality meal at a low cost in an area where earlier he may not have expected to find a good place to eat. In many such areas in the UK, one can spot fish and chip vans and Ice cream vans serving the local customers of the region.

Serving The Office-Going Customers: Mobile Caterer

Many office-goers prefer to patronize their favourite mobile caterer because of the low cost and good food offered by them. Another advantage for the office-goers is that usually they have limited free time available for lunch. So they would prefer to have food at a place that saves them time and serves quickly and efficiently. This is the reason of high popularity of such caterers with the office-goers. In London as well as other prominent cities in the UK, one can find mobile catering vans around all major commercial areas.

Capacity To Serve Large Numbers: Mobile Caterer

From a business point of view, it is possible to scale up the operations for a mobile caterer. If the market is very large, and demand is consistently high, the business owner may consider opting for a larger vehicle such as a mobile catering truck. This will offer greater space and greater capacity to serve a large number of customers at the same time. A bigger vehicle can also house bigger and more advanced kitchen equipment, making it possible to produce sufficient quantities of food within a short period of time. Therefore, flexibility of business volumes is a key advantage of this business. This is in contrast to the fixed or established restaurant premise where it is not easily possible to scale up or scale down the business once the investments in the set up have been made. Such investment decisions are usually irreversible, or they can incur a big loss for the owner if any major changes in the business scale are necessitated.

Flexibility of Location: Mobile Caterer

One of the most compelling propositions of business that attracts many mobile caterers to the trade is the flexibility of location. In UK and many other countries where this business is popular, it can be observed that if the business is not up to the expectation at a particular location, the business owner can manage to move the business to another location. This is a great advantage that a fixed premise cannot have. This flexibility eliminates the inherent market risk element of the business to great extent.
More and more entrepreneurs are getting attracted to the mobile catering business because of the various truly lucrative benefits of this business.

Starting up your own Mobile Catering Business

Mobile catering business has become a ubiquitous feature of urbanization in many countries around the world. Countries such as the UK are a classic example of the popularity of this business, and a number of mobile catering vans can be spotted at the busy destinations of London and other cities.

Mobile Catering Trucks and Vans

A mobile catering truck is a good business to start in the potential and booming catering sector of the UK, as the investment required is very low and the annual income and profit together will be twice more than the investment. Mobile catering truck often reaches sporting events, factories, beaches, parks and construction sites. Owning a mobile catering truck ensures new opportunities to the owner. More 

The Mobile Catering Van is practically the entire universe of the mobile catering business. Therefore, for a new entrepreneur who is in the process of establishing this business, the maximum time and attention must be invested in selecting the right kind of vehicle for the business. It is a major business decision that is a fixed investment, and it cannot be reversed easily without incurring serious losses. Therefore, this kind of decision has to be taken right the first time itself in order for the business to succeed in the long run. More