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How To Start A Mobile BBQ Catering Business

One of the popular businesses nowadays in UK and other markets is the Mobile BBQ Catering business. The BBQ recipes are simple and cooking is not a very elaborate exercise. Therefore, it makes an ideal business that be conducted with a mobile unit. There are small mobile BBQ vendors who sell their items to customers in busy areas. Also, several large operators offer services and supplies for fairs, carnivals, wedding receptions, corporate events and other occasions.

Getting Started

Getting started in a Mobile BBQ Catering business is not too difficult. But it requires diligent planning and execution, and a compliance with the local laws and regulations. There is a good demand for this business in markets like London and its suburbs. This is attracting several new entrepreneurs to enter this line of business because of the expanding market.

Low Entry Barriers

Another advantage for the entrepreneurs is that the business does not involve much complicated cooking procedures. Therefore, even those who do not possess previous knowledge or experience in the catering business are able to enter this business and make a success out of it. The start-up investments in this business are also relatively lower, which makes it possible for small entrepreneurs as well to get into the business independently. Overall, this is a business with low entry barriers which makes it easy for anyone to enter this business.

Growing Market

The market for mobile BBQ caterers is growing at a rapid pace. The consumers seem to have taken a fancy for the good quality products that are offered by these vendors. Even at large gatherings such as wedding receptions and corporate events there is an increasing trend to serve the guests with supplies and services from these caterers.

Stiff Competition

However, even in a growing market condition, the competition in this field continues to remain high with many new operators entering the business. Since the entry barriers to the business are low, it makes it fairly easy for anyone to enter the trade and compete. Price becomes a key point of competition in such a situation, and profit margins get thinner. Therefore, only the innovative entrepreneurs survive and succeed in such conditions who are able to deliver something extra and something special to the customers in terms of their food quality, product range, and personalized and cheerful customer service.

The following is a list of the basic steps that are essential to start the Mobile BBQ Catering business:

Check The Local Laws And Regulations

The first stage of planning to enter this business should be to ideally make a visit to the local authorities to find out the local laws that govern the establishment of this business. It is of paramount importance to comply with all the local regulations and obtain the necessary approvals or permits before going ahead with the business. Environmental, health, insurance and taxation implications should also be checked out before launching the business.

Conduct A Basic Market Survey Of The Local Areas

It is advisable to conduct a market study or survey of the potential locations that the entrepreneur is considering for setting up the Mobile BBQ Catering business. It will give a fair idea of what kind of food items are popular with the local consumers, what is the quality, range and pricing of the competitors in the area, and what are the unfulfilled customer expectations that can be potentially fulfilled by the new business.

Finalize The Location, Menu And Pricing

These decisions should be taken in tandem with each other because they are interrelated. The items in the menu should be such that are well suited for the particular location that is being considered. If the customers are missing certain items that other competitors are ignoring, the new business can try to create a niche for itself in such a product range. Pricing is a sensitive issue, and it must be a competitive price so that it is able to match with the existing and established rivals in the business. At the same time, pricing should be such that it does not make the business unprofitable over a period of time.

Set Up The Supply Line For Raw Material

Once the food products and menu are finalized, the business must look for the right sources for the supply of raw material. The sources must be reliable and stable for the long term. The quality of product and the price must be competitive enough to survive in the market. A strong supply back-up means that half the battle is won already. Therefore, maximum effort and time must be spent on identifying and tying up with the best possible suppliers of food raw material.

Purchase The Mobile BBQ Catering Unit Or Trailer

The next logical step in the process of setting up the business is to buy the vehicle or the trailer. There are several options available in this regard. The entrepreneur has to make a choice depending upon the size and scale of the business that has been planned, the kind of food items that have been chosen for the menu, and the available financial budget for this investment. There is also a choice available between a new unit from the manufacturer, or a used or second-hand unit from another user. Furthermore, there is also a decision to be made about the equipment and fittings required within the mobile catering unit. Usually, a BBQ unit will come equipped with an oven, steam table, refrigeration or freezing equipment, grill, and other equipment, depending upon the requirement of the business.

Create Unique Food Recipes And Test The Products

In the food catering business, product taste and product quality ranks over and above every other consideration. Great food will always find its loyal set of clients who will keep returning again and again to patronize the business. Also, the word of mouth publicity works the strongest in this business. The news of delicious food travels far and wide. Therefore, a great amount of effort must go into creating very innovative recipes that appeal to the taste buds of maximum number of people. Test marketing and sampling of the products and recipes is also important to know the market feedback, and make the necessary adjustments in the recipe if necessary.

If all these steps are planned and executed carefully, there is every chance of your Mobile BBQ Catering business meeting with great success and acceptance in the marketplace.