Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering Equipment - What is needed, where to get it!

Mobile Catering Equipment

Mobile catering services are an inseparable part of the urban culture of UK mainly London; This innovation enables availability of fresh, hot and delicious food literally anywhere in UK! For people planning to setup a small business with literally no investment for a permanent space in UK, This is the perfect business to go for!!!

In the following sections different types of “Mobile Catering Equipments” that are widely available across UK are described, this will give you a better idea of which equipment needs to be included in your business to maximize your profit.

  • Bains-marie: This must be the most indispensible equipment to any mobile catering business, Available in various sizes’ this equipment is designed to keep pre-cooked sauces or vegetables at servable temperatures. This greatly helps is serving every customer on time even in busy times.
  • Mincers: As the name suggest mincing meat of any kind is just a job of minutes with the help of this wonder machine
  • Blenders & Mixers: If Juices, Sauces and Soups in minutes are what you want to achieve, these equipments will do it in no time.
  • Hot Cupboards: Widely used electric equipment which helps in keeping the food hot at a specified ready temperature. So you can serve your customers that perfectly hot food.
  • Bratt Pans: This is multipurpose equipment which performs many functions; usually this includes boiling, roasting, deep-frying, steaming and poaching. Bratt pans usually work in normal temperature cooking; a few pans are also equipped for pressure cooking.
  • Ovens: These equipments again have a good variety to suit all business types. Compact Ovens for high speed and less space consuming, Convection Ovens for  preparing great varieties and larger volumes, Microwave ovens for simple heating and de-frosting, Cooking Range to have Burner and oven facilities, all in one.
  • Carvery Servery Units:Similar to Hot cupboard’s, used to keep the food at optimized and ready to be served temperature.
  • Chargrill: Suited for cooking burgers, steaks and hotdogs, for achieving that grilled flavor
  • Panini Grills: This enables you to offer a range of Panini’s and sandwiches to your customers
  • Chip scuttles: Used to keep fries in ready to serve condition for a longer time.
  • Coffee Machines: A simple machine to prepare coffee in a hassle free way
  • Pasta Boiler / Cookers: If Italian Pasta is your forte, then the Pasta boiler or cooker of just the right equipment for that perfect pasta.
  • Pedestals: These are used for placing cooking equipments; few are also equipped for storage.
  • Contact Grills: These are used in Sandwich or steak preparations, useful in packing of various ingredients’ in between slices.
  • Cutters:This equipment helps in Cutting, chopping or whipping without having to change blades or knives.
  • Pizza equipment: Planning a Pizza outlet, this will make your job easy. It has everything you need to produce that perfect pizza.
  • Steamers: They are electric equipment for steam cooking, programming it once is enough.
  • Plate Warmers: If you want to give your customers a royal treatment by serving them food in hot plates, then go for this once without fail.
  • Display Cases: Display cases facilitate good display of food items without affecting the quality of food. Hot, Cold or neutral displays are widely available
  • Dough rollers and Mixers: These help in preparation of products which involve dough rolling and mixing like pizzas
  • Rice Cookers: For those of you intending to specialize in Rice Delicacies, Pick this up for that perfectly cooked rice
  • Extraction fans: In a small cooking area, fumes can build up really fast, Extraction fans help remove the excess fumes in minutes.
  • Salamanders: From toast to Grills prepare just about anything with these.
  • Food Processors: Cut, chop or mince the way you need for different delicacies
  • Fryer: Fries anything from French fries to fish
  • Sink Units: These fixtures facilitate as a cleaning and washing area.
  • Storeroom Racking: Storage is always a challenge when on the move; Storage racks provide space for provisions, so that you never run out of stock.
  • Griddles: There are extensive ranges of Griddles Available which facilitates cooking eggs and bacons, both gas and electric griddles are available in different sizes and shapes to suit your space and business.
  • Vacuum Pack Machines: Vacuum packing helps in retaining the freshness and natural taste of food. As your customers grow more health conscious, this will prove to be a great savior.
  • Hob units: Hob units are useful for cooking where the space is limited like in a small café. They range from 2 to 6 ring units
  • Milk Shaker/Frappe machine: Ideal for preparing different shakes, sorbets and Cocktails.
  • Water Boilers: Hot water is indispensible when it comes to cooking, wide capacities are available, based on requirements
  • Waste Disposal Units: These units help in fast disposal of waste including bones, skin and other wastes in a clean and efficient manner.
  • Work Tops: Usually made of stainless steel. Work tops provide space for preparations, food dressings, cuttings and servings.
  • Gastronorm Containers: Are used for storing, packing, cooling or carrying food from one place to another.

Apart from the above below too are a must when you are mobile

  • Dishwasher: Washing manually can be both messy and time consuming, Dishwashers are great innovations to minimize the effort and achieve cleanliness in less time, and they are available in both light duty and heavy duty models.
  • Glass Washers: Glass always needs special cleaning and caring, this equipment does it for you.
  • Cleaners: General Cleaning equipments come in a variety of ranges wet, dry and vacuum.

There are a number of brands offering a wise variety of these products all over UK; UK’s leading companies such as Lincat, Blue seal and Parry provide high quality equipments at a very reasonable rate with power packed features, so that you can provide world class service on wheels!