Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering Event Types and how to benefit from them!

Mobile Catering Events

Catering is one of the most profitable businesses in the UK, considering the increasing demand for food mobility and innovation. It may be a small house party or big public gatherings; food plays an important part in making every event a success. If you are fond of cooking and eager to start a business with minimum investment, then catering is definitely a good business option. In UK, there are two ways of catering. One is “Mobile catering” and the other is the “Mobile Catering Events.” Among these two “Mobile Catering Events” is more popular and profitable business in UK.

Mobile Catering Events As A Start Up Business

If your business is a startup, Mobile catering events is an ideal way of building your reputation in UK. Mobile catering events include catering for conferences or parties for Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary and others. In the initial days wedding orders can greatly boost up your business prospects. Food can be prepared directly at the venue where the event is happening or prepared food can be brought and can be given finishing touches, depending on the menu items. Though catering events are reserved for big occasions, there is also industrial catering which provides services to companies, schools, jails and other institutions. Airlines also tie up with caterers to provide services to their customers.
Mobile catering events is an ideal business for people expecting huge profits with minimum investment. To a certain extent mobile catering is free from market variations too, but above all these USP of the Mobile catering business remains flexibility and Quality, Customers just have to plan the venue and you will be there with satisfying their guests with mouth watering food! To add another dimension to your mobile catering events business, you may also offer few more services like staff to serve the food, setup buffet and dining area.  Some big catering businesses in UK have also extended their services to event management offering lighting, decorating and general management to their customers.

Mobile Catering Events – More Than Food

Many events require working with the entire color or theme scheme. The catering specialist is expected to know how to prepare food and how to make it look good. Beautifully prepared food only can appeal to the senses, but decorating food in an attractive way can play a very significant role too. The point lies here in satisfying the customer with food as a focal point. With the correct mixture of atmosphere and planning, event caterers can make any event a memorable one.
You can always decide to take up only small events; large ones or both depending on your handling capacity. There are a few events which are considered ideal to host.

  • Corporate Mobile Catering Events: Corporate are willing to spend a lot on experienced and good caterers, since the events sizes are always big and generally hosted for valuable clients, there is always a lot of emphasis on good food preparation and presentation. After all food can make or break a deal!
  • Marriages: The most beautiful day in everybody’s life, everybody wants to make it special and flawless. So it goes without saying that food and décor take the center stage. Since marriage preparations are the most stressful, giving the responsibility of the D-day to an expert lifts off a lot of stress. This platform is the ideal way to boost up your business image.
  • Birthday Parties:  They may not be as big as weddings or corporate events, but it is definitely a very important day for the host. Cakes, drinks, fun and food are all the highlights of this event, Just show your skill and you are right on the way to many more such events.
  • Academic or Athletic Banquets: Many institutes in UK organize celebration events for various achievements of their students, it maybe winning of an award, winning a sports events or Graduation day. These events demand high quality as well as quantity of food.
  • Funerals: Yes catering is usually associated with celebrations, but it is not uncommon to enlist for catering services to preparing meals for the mourners. These customers are sensitive at the time and you will need special expertise to make this a smooth one.

Mobile Catering Events Business – Things To Consider

Once you have decided to start a mobile catering events business, you should be cautious while purchasing the trailer and other catering equipments to be used. You can also hire equipments on the basis of your need and then decide to buy the same slowly as you make profit. All required paper work should be completed in a legal way, since high profile events place orders only after verification.

Mobile Catering Events – Types Of Vehicles

There are different types of vehicles used to carry out mobile services, such as street carts, catering trucks and food trucks. In case of mobile catering events, a stationary facility is installed in the venue of the event called concession trailer. Concession trailers are equipped with their own kitchen equipments, these trucks cannot move on their own like other types of catering trucks. These trailers are suitable where the events last for several hours or days.

Event caterers in UK charge on per-person basis, it should be kept in mind that the cost of the event should always be lower than the rate charged in order to make a decent profit. When a catering proposal is presented to the customer, the following points are expected to be included

  • License and permits
  • Details of the arrival time, serving time, closing time
  • Food variety that will be served and names of specific dishes
  • Food safety
  • Rentals with regard to services other than food like lighting, tables, chairs and others
  • Number of staff to be present and their details
  • Taxes if any
  • Catering bill

At the end of the day all you need to ensure is that, your customers are happy and will come back to you again and again. All it takes is one successful event to get your name out there. Make sure everything is running smoothly. Problems if any have to be resolved immediately. Once you master this art, success is not far away.