Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering for Sale - The best practices!

Particulars of Mobile Catering for Sale

Mobile catering is the selling of prepared food from a vehicle. The feature is very popular in urban areas and is among the most common type of food service in the current food industry. Mobile catering services allow supply of food in even remote and unusual places. Mobile catering services in UK are hired for conventions, weddings and other major events so that food can be served even away from a restaurant.

Types of Mobile Catering for Sale

In UK mobile catering includes other formal services like food carts, concession trucks and food vans. Thus if you are considering to start a catering business of your own, there are certain things to be done prior to proceeding to check out the nearest mobile catering for sale. A little bit of background information is mandatory since knowledge is power and more so when it is your own enterprise. There are various types of mobile catering services that would be available in sales. These can include:

Street carts – this is the type that us hauled by bike or automobile from one part to another. Easy to cook food is served in these street carts like sausages, Tacos, Mexican style food, coffee, bagels, donuts, sandwiches etc. These can be found parked on pavements and park. Street carts have refrigerators and heating device installed inside to keep food fresh and ready for consumption.

Catering trucks – these are larger and hence serve larger market. Service offered by catering trucks is similar to a street cart and has prepared food for the customers.

Food vans – these are larger when compared to food carts but are different in that vans usually contain deep fryers, built in grill and other cooking equipment. Food is prepared on order and hence flexibility in menu is possible. Food vans and trucks are common in open areas like in fairs and concerts. Typical example is an ice-cream van.

Concession trailers – these are like food vans and have cooking equipment installed in the trailer, but unlike them they cannot move by themselves and hence are found in event that last few days like funfairs and fetes. Trailers also cater to regular catering events with a huge guest list. They can set up self serve buffets and dining area.

Mobile kitchens – this is a modified van with built in cooking equipment and food is prepared inside the van. Typical example would be fish and chips vans in the UK.

Thus in UK you a will come across many advertisements of mobile catering for sale. They can be more specific and it is not uncommon to find mobile catering trailers for sale, mobile catering vans for sale and even mobile catering units for sale.

Mobile Catering for Sale – Catering Trailers

When planning to check out a mobile catering for sale it is of prime importance to adopt certain strategies in order to ensure that product viewed is worth the sale price, is durable to withstand another round of business as well as is in keeping with safety and standard guidelines as required by the law. Starting a mobile catering business with mobile trailers are very rewarding since these can be run part time as well as full time. Follow an action plan as mentioned below while checking out mobile catering trailers for sale or mobile catering vans for sale.

Chalk out the mobile catering business particulars like target market, place to trade from, foods that can be prepared and sold, equipment that would be required etc. Draft a business plan and proceed in adherence to it. Have an estimate or budget of finance that is going to be invested in the venture since novice businesses should not go overboard in the finance department.

Check out mobile catering for sale at various places and narrow down the search to few mobile catering trailers for sale and mobile catering units for sale. Decide on the model of equipment that is required and go ahead with the deal. Prior to finalizing and making payments, be sure to examine condition of vehicle and equipments as well as negotiate the price. Assess the mobile catering for sale as a business asset and make sure that all certificates are legal and valid.

Negotiation of price has to be done as a pro to get a good bargain on the mobile catering service for sale. Give the impression of a serious buyer and come across as a person with concerns of budget and minor details. Prior to finalizing the deal make sure that vehicle is in condition and certificates and papers are valid and up-to-date.

In London, UK there are certain requirements that have to be followed by all mobile catering vehicles and these include:

Commissary – this is where all mobile catering units obtain their supplies, clean and service their vehicles. A commissary should have facilities for food storage, waste disposal, sanitization of equipments, vehicle storage etc. The commissary must have city permits and would be inspected by health officials.
Construction – vehicle specification include, cleanable floors, no carpet on the inside, approved equipment for storage of hazardous food, holding tank for liquid waste etc. The name of catering service and contact numbers have to be displayed on both sides of the vehicle and empty vehicles are not allowed.
Operation – operation of mobile catering service must be in adherence to health code of the UK. Storage of food, cleaning and cooking must be done with cleanliness and food should be maintained at right temperature like cold food at 41 degree Fahrenheit and hot food at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Food that is transported should have insulated units for avoiding spillage and spoiling.

Once the catering vehicle, catering equipment and kitchen facility are in place, staff has to be hired and menu decided. Local health department regulations are important and have to be followed in order to avoid unnecessary hassles with them later on in the business. They make sporadic inspections and it is wiser not to thwart them at any point in the business.