Mobile Catering

Insurance for a Mobile Catering Business - Importance!

Importance of Mobile Catering Insurance

Mobile catering is a business which is fast gaining popularity. They are often seen in funfairs and concerts catering to varied taste of various customers. In UK mobile catering service also caters to big functions like weddings, etc. where food is prepared and served by staff or mobile catering service handling the contract. Many people are coming forward and starting mobile catering businesses. People who are thinking of investing in a mobile catering business should not forget the concept of mobile catering insurance and its necessity.

Mobile catering service is just like any other business and has the same odds against them, more so in mobile catering service since apart from health and food concerns, the mobile catering insurance should cater to the needs of the vehicle used for catering service too. Different types of vehicles are used in mobile catering services. These include food carts which do not have motors but are tagged along by automobiles, catering trucks which are huge and even do the cooking inside them, trailers which have all kitchen equipment for cooking food but are not as mobile as food vans and trucks. Sometimes a van is modified into a mobile kitchen and performs catering services to customers who reach them and they also provide door delivery in some areas. All in all a mobile catering business can be very profitable if carefully and legally carried out with full dedication and hard work.

Need for Mobile Catering Insurance

A mobile catering insurance is mandatory since a mobile catering service would need it for vehicle, equipment installed inside mobile catering vehicles like refrigerator, sewage disposal tanks, sinks, temperature controlled units, hobs, etc. since these are vulnerable to theft and robbery. While vehicle such as the trailer or van can succumb to mechanical problems, even kitchen equipment can give up with gas and electricity problems. These are sensitive issues since most kitchens in mobile catering services carry hazardous food which needs temperature controlled storage. Accidents and fires are other common hazards that a mobile catering business should be insured against.

Common Mobile Catering Insurance

Combined Liability Policy – Most mobile catering insurance providers in London and elsewhere in UK, offer a comprehensive combined liability insurance package which takes care of all issues related to insurance in a catering service. Good combined liability policy providers provide up to £10 million by way of public liability and £10 million by way of products liability like food poisoning and £10 million as employer’s liability inclusive of overtime and busy periods etc. People who run a mobile catering business with business premises have their property covered under property owner’s liability which is part of their comprehensive insurance of combined liability policy.

Catering Trailer Cover – mobile catering insurance which covers hot and cold food trailers like mobile bars, refrigerated trailers, baked potato ovens, permanently sited units etc is the catering trailer cover. The entire trailer and its contents which are used in catering service are covered in this policy. The catering trailer cover insurance policy provides various combinations of policy cover which can be selected according to need. The combinations include accidental damage, fire and theft; accidental damage and fire; accidental damage alone; stock; money; legal expenses which might be needed for a non fault traffic accident; liability insurance etc.

Trailer Security – trailers are prone to theft and hence keeping it immobilised is very vital. Ensure that trailer is safe and secure. Trailer must be insured against theft. There are certain conditions which are enforced in order to claim trailer security insurance which include use of UK standard trailer wheel clamps, UK standard hitch locks which must be key-operated, and even a 10% discount is offered to trailers that are kept in driveways which have a security post.
Thiefbeaters are a new system of identifying thieves through electronic transponders hidden at various places in the trailer. In UK Thiefbeaters is a compulsory introduction in catering trailers.

Converted vehicles – to find the right mobile catering insurance you need to hire services of a professional specialist. There are various insurance policies that are specifically designed for various situations. Thus there are customised insurance for vehicles that have been converted for catering purposes like a sandwich, hot food, fish and chips or even ice cream vans. The business vehicle irrespective of which one it is would be insured and covered under insurance policy irrespective of gross vehicle weight. All the fixtures and fittings would be covered and policy would include a third party towing liability too. Fixtures and fittings are the most valuable aspect of a trailer and these have to be protected. Even vans and imported vehicles are covered by right insurance companies.

Catering fleet insurance is also offered to businesses which run more than one vehicle during the course of their mobile catering businesses. Recovery and breakdown policy usually covers trailer even in the event of breakdown of towing vehicle hence both trailer and motor can be recovered.

Mobile catering insurance that are available in various insurance companies in UK include insurance cover for hot food vans, ice cream vans, caterers fleet, catering trailers, mobile shops, breakdown and recovery, accidents and sickness, home insurance, liability insurance and even travel and holiday insurance.

Mobile Catering Insurance against Fire

Fire is a common and anticipated occurrence in a catering unit and most catering businesses are insured against it but to get complete coverage there are certain safety norms dictated for trailers and vehicles. These include: all doors in catering unit must be accessible from within catering unit to be used in emergencies; all access from and to the vehicle must not have any obstructions whatsoever; safety instructions to be taken in the event of fire, gas leakage etc. should be displayed inside vehicle. Fire extinguisher of the right size and UK standards should be stored and maintained. It should be placed where it can be accessed easily. Evacuation must be resorted to if flame or fire cannot be controlled and fire fighting force should be summoned as soon as possible.