Mobile Catering

Mobile Catering Kitchens - Why and how to rent!

Mobile Catering Kitchens

Being health conscious and conscious about food habits has created many options. Food is not just something to fill your stomach with; it is a satisfying affair. It is more so when the number of guests are more. In the UK, venues play an important role as far as the preparation of food is concerned. Decisions concerning the equipments required and the menu become critical. With people wanting food fresh from the oven, mobile catering kitchens are the best solution for caterers. They are best solution for caterers attending to leisure events, film units, schools and colleges, disaster recovery teams and large gatherings. These kitchens avoid the need for a tent at weddings, enable large-scale gatherings, expand kitchen capacities and are solutions during kitchen refits. In the UK, fish and chip vans are popular example of a mobile kitchen.

These kitchens can be individual cooking modules, over field kitchens or even container kitchens designed to the specifications of the caterer. These kitchens are easy to transport and the burner fuelled by LPG or kerosene. In London, these mobile catering kitchens adhere to HSE/EHO specifications. Assembly and fitment of the spare parts of the mobile catering kitchens is according to the Corgi guidelines. This makes the mobile kitchens easier and safer to use. They turn out to be perfect working environment for the catering firms.

Mobile Catering Kitchens

These kitchens are a set of comprehensive catering equipments that are highly flexible and fitted according to personal needs. A wide variety of mobile kitchens ranging from standalone units to preparation of meals, maxi kitchens, multi facility kitchens are available for sale or hire. Cooking, baking, frying, preparation of meals (even up to 1000 members), combi-steaming, roasting, blanching are some of the functions that they support. The standard equipment includes burner range, grill, table, canopy, sink, wash-basin, gantry, freezer. This is the most popular and portable form of a mobile kitchen.
Fryers, grillers, Bratt Pan, Rotisserie, ovens, dishwashers, fridges and other chilling equipment are available at extra cost.

A whole gamut of other equipment required for serving and dining like boilers, chilled and heated servery, gantry, hot trays, soup kettles, coffee/tea machines, kitchen trolleys, dispensers, icemakers, and gastro norm containers are also available. For ware washing, you have a choice of dishwashers, dishwasher baskets, sterilised sinks and water heaters. Can you comprehend the kind of perfect environment that is available to the chef? When the right equipment is available in the right hands of a chef, the menu prepared is heavenly, delicious and fresh. The mobile catering kitchens are a complete range of paraphernalia well equipped to prepare meals of any kind.

Utilizing the best quality materials, the mobile catering kitchens are constructed. They are fire-resistant and easy to use. Stainless steel wall linings provide strength and durability, glass reinforced plastic coatings make them easier to clean and use. Gas interlock systems make the burners safe. Portable appliance testers are available to check the safety of all equipment.  Installation documents include risk and safety assessments, user guides and information pertaining to specific venues. They are not just safe but efficient and user-friendly. The chefs and the event planner is rest assured regarding the preparation of the chosen menu.

Why Rent A Mobile Catering Kitchen

As you have seen, the choice and the range of the mobile kitchen is incredible and a tough decision. It is easier to rent as per the need instead of investing a large amount in purchasing a unit. Minimum investment, tax relief, easier budgets, simpler administration, extended warranty on equipment and credit facility can be availed by the hirer. They provide method statements, drawings, risk assessments, user guidelines and training to ensure safety and efficiency. In London, the trend is to rent and cook, customized to the need of the hour. They are simply, a phone call away and thus easier to reckon with. Refer to the directories or the internet for a list of the kitchen rental agents.

Process Of Renting A Mobile Catering Kitchen

While renting in London, you can ask for a price list, a drawing of the proposed catering facility, a quotation confirming the term period and the total cost. In the UK, Corgi trained engineers install multiple equipment safely and efficiently. This is according to the paraphernalia rented and the chosen venue. They even train the staff on the usage. You may have a mobile catering kitchen ready to use in less than an hour. In case of a breakdown, a technical support engineer is available to diagnose the problem and rectify. Spare parts are available in a short timeframe. While renting a unit, make contingency plans to prepare for any catering emergency.

Once you have decided whom to rent it from, co-ordinate with their project manager explaining the event, the number of guests and the equipment required to cater to this affair. View the drawing made by them and offer suggestions, if any. The project manager of the rental agency will visit on-site and make the necessary recommendations. Once the deposit is paid, the engineers will deliver and make the necessary fitment. Allow some time for the staff to train and enrich themselves. You will have a technical support engineer to handle emergencies. You also have a mobile catering kitchen to prepare the menu that you have chosen with much consideration and planning. The chefs will excel themselves in this perfectly created environment which is well equipped with state-of-the-art catering paraphernalia.

Mobile catering kitchens are efficient, safe and user friendly. An extensive stock range of catering equipments can handle events and even grand marquee events. Many rental agencies provide unsurpassed expertise in planning, installation and servicing of the chosen mobile kitchen. They come at competitive prices. Like fitting a puzzle, you choose an array of catering equipments and get them fitted. The guests will know no difference from a regular kitchen as long as the food is delicious, fresh, hygienic and hot. The guests and the caterers are glad with the arrangements.