Mobile Catering

Starting a Mobile Catering Truck - Business essentials!

Mobile Catering Truck

A mobile catering truck is a good business to start in the potential and booming catering sector of the UK, as the investment required is very low and the annual income and profit together will be twice more than the investment. Mobile catering truck often reaches sporting events, factories, beaches, parks and construction sites. Owning a mobile catering truck ensures new opportunities to the owner. 

Tips To Start A Mobile Catering Truck Business

At the time of economic crisis, mobile catering trucks are potential asset that will fetch good income. Mobile catering is a very profitable business to venture into. Quick meals, snacks and local favourite dishes will guarantee you enough profits. In addition, the investment is meagre and there is no need for rent payment or any other liabilities. The mobile catering trucks have two versions - the lunch truck and catering truck. While the former can be controlled by one person the latter requires two since it has a fully equipped kitchen. 

The advantage of a mobile catering truck business is that it can reach anywhere and thus serve food lovers from various locations. The caterer can bag huge orders and serve the customers of far off locations very conveniently.

Acquiring A Mobile Catering Truck

Acquiring a mobile catering truck is like owning a business itself. A strategic approach is necessary in case of buying a truck. First, plan on how much money you can spend on the truck, after that zero in on a mobile catering truck and get the details of its operations from the company or from the current owner if it is a second hand one. Enquire about potential locations and the possibilities of new businesses. In case of a second hand buying, find out whether the current route is profitable. Check the guarantee and test drive the mobile catering truck. Once you are satisfied with the vehicle, fix the deal on your favourable terms.   

Menu Planning For Mobile Catering Truck

One of the key to successes is the dishes. If you can serve the delicious dishes then there is no reason to worry. For this, one has to choose the menu very carefully. A carefully selected menu is crucial to popularise the mobile catering truck.  A thorough research on the preferred dishes of the locations or the routes that you select is essential. The menu should depend on the timing of the operation, as people tend to eat different types of food at various times of the day. Apart from that, stock a variety of hot and cold beverages and snacks. A ‘Today’s Special’ in the menu is a must to attract more customers.  

Jiffy’s Mobile Catering Truck

Jiffy Trucks is a leading mobile catering trucks manufacturing company in the UK, specialized in creating customised catering vehicles. The manufacturing units of this company, located in West Yorkshire are involved in the production of these stainless steel panelled trucks for the past 40 years. The standard features of all mobile catering trucks of the firm include bonded insulation panels, sharp edge reduction process, hot blown air system for the oven, microprocessor control, energy absorbent rear bumper, alarm system on doors, latest LED lightening technology, continual fresh air feed for fresh pastries, blown air refrigeration with temperature control etc.  The mobile catering trucks of the firm include:

  • Panino - Built with advanced Citroen Berlingo platform chassis, these mobile catering trucks are very smooth to drive. The carrying capacity of this model is 320 kg. The cost of these affordable mobile catering trucks is £22, 995.
  • Mezze - These mobile catering trucks were first manufactured in 2008 and are popular among caterers in the UK. These comfortable and efficient mobile catering trucks are ideal for operating in rural locations, building sites, industrial areas and commercial locations. Mezze is a very spacious truck model and most of the components are recyclable. The price of this model is £27, 995.
  • Bocado - These reliable mobile catering trucks have the chassis of Toyota Dyna and are the favourite model of UK’s fast food sector. The stainless steel bodied trucks have a carrying capacity of above 600kg. The price of this model is £29, 995.
  • Barista - The Barista model of mobile catering trucks from Jiffy is an answer to UK’s need for fresh coffee. These mobile catering trucks have a built in Fracino coffee machine. Apart from the coffee machine, the model shares the same features of other mobile catering trucks of Jiffy. The trucks have ample water capacity to provide coffee non-stop while operating. The model costs £34,000.    

Pre Owned Mobile Catering Truck From Jiffy

Jiffy Truck’s buy back policy enables the users to exchange five year old used trucks which will be further serviced and sold along with three months guarantee. The mobile catering trucks available under this policy are Jiffy Salsa 05 costing £12, 985, Jiffy and Jiffy Fugo 06 costing £ 14,750.  The company also provides trucks on hire.

Mobile Catering Truck Of 4Sure

4Sure is a UK based company engaged in the manufacturing and vehicle conversion business for the past eighteen years. The mobile catering trucks of this company are NCASS compliant and come with a warranty of two years.

Besides, various websites are there where one can find the availability of mobile catering trucks for rent and sale. The websites are,,,,, etc.

Mobile Catering truck in the US

Armenco Cater is based in the US and are experienced in the production of customized catering trucks. The company’s mobile catering trucks are equipped with a comprehensive 16” kitchen. Plano Sales East, Inc. is another firm that produces mobile catering trucks. The trucks are sturdy and superior in quality.